February Status Update

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Welcome back to another status update! As I write this, temperatures in Massachusetts are rising for the first time in a while, and it’s just beginning to feel like spring. Given that Februrary is a shorter month, and that I’ve had less time to myself between school and work, I haven’t had much time for my projects this month. However, I’ve still been working on some things!


This month, not many new things happened. I did some pen-and-paper reworking of my design for the leaderboard, but I’m still running into issues with the scores not displaying. I also still need to figure out how best to score the matches. Right now, I’ve got a utility function that takes in a MatchScore object and runs through it to determine the score. I think this might be the best option, but I want to explore others before I commit.


Hakkard made its return this month, as I explored new ways of structuring the code. You can see my current working thoughts here. I’m working with a friend on potentially implementing state machines to manage the login and game flow, as opposed to nested loops.

That’s it for this month, hopefully March lends itself to giving me more time for side projects.

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