July Status Update

This month is less heavy on the development side and goes more into what I’ve done to my servers. I didn’t get the chance to do as much software as I would’ve liked, though the coding I did do was fun and a learning experience.


First things first, I’ve joined the dev team for Hackagotchi, which is a multiplayer farming game that’s currently played over Slack. Part of my job includes fixing up their practices including eliminating code from the production server in favor of automated binary deployment. I’m also working on writing a common backend for the game so we can release a standalone client.

Server Stuff

This month I’ve also added monitoring via Collectd, InfluxDB, and Grafana with automated alerts going to a private discord channel. This has let me see that my servers are just a little bit overloaded, which I shouldn’t be too surprised by. After all, they’re all running multiple things and several CPU-intensive services.

Today, I set up a hosted static status page at https://status.devosmium.xyz. I plan on using this to announce maintenance or outages on all of my services, so I can have a log of what went down when and how I fixed it.

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Status update, July 2020

Hi all! It’s time for another monthly status update. Yesterday I’ve released wlroots 0.11.0 and Sway 1.5! This is a pretty big release, with lots of new features and bug fixes. New features include headless outputs that can be created on-the-fly (one use-cas…

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