My COVID Experience

Since March, my state has been locked down almost completely, and we’re just now starting to reopen. My experience of the Coronavirus is probably different from most people, and given that the lockdown is getting slightly less strict, it’s a good idea in my eyes to reflect on what’s happened and how I’ve coped with the quarantine.

What I kept doing

Given that a lot of my work is already based at home/online, I was able to keep doing a lot of my software work. I was also able to finish all my paperwork and merit badges for Eagle1. Even though I won’t be able to have a Court of Honor until the Fall at the earliest, it’s still a big accomplishment. I also kept up my exercising habit that I started last year when I was working on Personal Fitness merit badge.

What I started doing.

During this quarantine I took the time to start new projects and learn new skills. One of the most significant of which is my newfound love of Rust. This was my third time trying to learn the language, but somehow this time it just clicked and I started getting really productive. I hammered out a lot of the work on Campmaster Constantine in a few days2. This project managed to accomplish what Kronos could not, which was a persistent strike database. It also incorporated Question of the Day management and a points system.

I also started using Sourcehut to host my projects. This is purely anecdotal, but since then I’ve had a massive boost in productivity with regards to my software work. The CI ( works well and is so incredibly fast. Oftentimes, when I go to check on my build job after submitting a new commit to this website, by the time I’ve loaded up the build page it’s already done. See my repositories here.

In non-software stuff, I’ve gotten into art. I started with pencil sketches, and the other day did my first piece with digital coloring.

What Else has Happened

I’ve turned down the opportunity to be employed by Camp Wanocksett this year3. I’m sure they’re capable of keeping me and other campers safe, but I’m not ready to risk my health. Ordinarily I’d be all over working at my favorite place, but my health has to come first.

I’ve also started a few Discord servers around a few interests, often with my best friend. Not all of them were directly started by us but I/we still had a hand in the early days of the server.

Current Events

This is a kinda stressful topic, so I’m not going to spend too much time on this. I stand with the protesters and people exercising their rights under the First Amendment. I am fervently opposed to police brutality and militarization, as well as an invocation of the Insurrection Acts of 1807. The rampant institutional racism present in our system of government can only be removed by the action of the masses.

Final Thoughts

I miss when I could go hiking with my scout group. I miss when I could go to school every day and see friends and learn. I miss being able to do stuff with my friends. However, the only way to stop the Coronavirus is for all of us to do our parts, practicing social distancing and proper precautions. Hopefully by the Fall we can get back to some semblance of normalcy, but until then I’m taking things as they come.

  1. My paperwork hasn’t been processed yet, but I’m officially an Eagle Scout to my Council. ↩︎

  2. This is a purely subjective analysis based on the commit log. You’re welcome to draw your own conclusions from that log too! ↩︎

  3. I was originally hired on the Shooting Sports staff. ↩︎

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