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2018-10-25 announcement DevOsmium

Hakkard is something that I’ve been working on for a while. It started life as a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, which can still be found here. But then, I thought to myself, it’s not as much fun if the true Hakkard experience, which can only be received by the creator, is only available to a select few people who know me in real life. Why don’t I make a playable version of Hakkard online, where anyone can come and enjoy it the way I do? That’s why I’m here today, to announce the extreme early alpha of Hakkard!

But what’s an MU*?

In short, an MU* is an online, multiplayer text-based game. They’re historically fantasy-based, but there are some science fiction ones out there too. Hakkard encourages roleplay, but we don’t require it unless you’re playing with a GM.

How do I connect?

It’s very simple! Go to our subdomain and follow the instructions.

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