Hi all, I’m a high school programmer, lighting designer, and sound technician. In my spare time I write Discord bots and help administrate servers on Discord. Beyond technology, I’m a Life Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

I believe that public service is a good way to increase value in communities, so I’ve dedicated over 150 hours in the last year to organizations in my community. These organizations include groups like FIRST, my high school, and the local cleanup day in my town.



  • Kronos – Base code for my bots. Written in Node.JS and uses SQLite for a backend. Designed to provide a stable, persistent, globally auditable database of warns, mutes, kicks, and bans.
  • Hakkard – A blast from the past, Hakkard encompasses both my homebrew Tabletop RPG World and the online text-based game I’m building. Incorporating elements of high fantasy and political intrigue, Hakkard aims to have something for everyone.


  • OtmasBot – The basis of the code that would one day become Kronos. An absolute mess of a repository. All the code was contained in one file. If you scroll back through the commit history, you can probably find one or two where my original token was posted to GitHub.
  • MatterOverdrive – A Minecraft mod based on Star Trek. Formerly by Simeon Radivoev, then Shadowfacts, then me, and now Horizon Studios. I maintain the original open source code on GitHub. Feel free to start a fork and merge things back in.