What is D&D anyways?

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is sometimes referred to as the world’s greatest role-playing game, or RPG. In it, players create characters with special stats and abilities that would not be found in the real world. The players work together with someone who plays the role of GM to tell a story together.

Why are you posting worlds here?

Mainly so that my players and I can have one definitive place where all of our collective knowledge and details about both the campaign and the world, including maps, a repository of characters and NPCs, as well as Character Sheets so I can quickly balance out new dungeons and enemies. It wouldn’t be too much fun if five level 1 characters were facing off against a level 20 behemoth, now would it?

I’m also posting here because I want fine control over how my content is displayed, without paying a fee to some corporation. Here, I am as free as Markdown lets me be. (Not to be rude to WorldAnvil, you guys are the best!)

Where will the campaign details go?

I’m planning on making two new subdomains, dnd.devosmium.xyz and cdn.devosmium.xyz. dnd.devosmium.xyz will contain all the details in a Jekyll site much like this one. cdn.devosmium.xyz will contain files that I want to distribute throughout the internet, like character sheets and other documents.