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New Site

2018-10-25 announcement DevOsmium
Hey guys, you may have noticed the new CSS and layout. This is because I have now moved away from Jekyll to Hugo, which is, (at least in my opinion), so much better than jekyll. It’s on package managers, which makes it easier to install. It runs and builds a lot faster, and it looks far cleaner than the old site. I’m not going to go into much detail, but the new repo is here: https://gitlab. Continue reading


2018-10-25 announcement DevOsmium
Hakkard is something that I’ve been working on for a while. It started life as a Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting, which can still be found here. But then, I thought to myself, it’s not as much fun if the true Hakkard experience, which can only be received by the creator, is only available to a select few people who know me in real life. Why don’t I make a playable version of Hakkard online, where anyone can come and enjoy it the way I do? Continue reading


Background I was digging through my robotics closet a few weeks ago, and I found this box. In it, there was a small white robot and a very long USB cable. I did some digging, and it turns out that this little robot is called a Finch, and it’s specifically designed for computer science education. Now then, I thought, this would be a great way for people to learn how to program the actual competition robot. Continue reading

Downtime Explanation

2018-02-26 update DevOsmium
What Happened At around 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on Monday, February 26th, 2018, all services hosted on became inaccessible for around two hours. Why did it happen? As far as I can tell, Windows shut down to conduct mandatory system updates and did not start up again. How am I fixing it? I’m moving back to Ubuntu 16.04, which I really shouldn’t have moved away from. This upgrade will be conducted within the day, at which time this issue shouldn’t happen again. Continue reading

Inaugural Post

2018-02-25 DevOsmium
Purpose Well, let’s be honest. I never expected to lose my nice WordPress site to a failed backup and restore. But hey! here I am, with a new Jekyll Hugo site, ready for action. The new content is better than ever, with some nice new tricks up its sleeve, but it’s still basically the same site as the old, just with a new front cover and a more powerful templating engine behind it. Continue reading